Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Historical Journey

Last week, I watched couple of good documentaries, one from National Geographic channel and other from Discovery channel. .

First one is about "Journey of man" which I have already posted some details. It was for 2 hours and the narrator took us to various places like India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Chukchi (Near arctic circle) etc. It was about the journey of man which started during Ice age. It was amazing to see how human beings survived during that period as the temperature in Chukchi is -50C now itself. It would have been much less in that period. The narrator ended the session with this saying, "We are all just 2000 generations apart. Before that all were from the same group that started from Africa."

Second one is about the Chinese empire. It gave the details of Chin dynasty during which "The Great wall of China" was built to protect the empire from barbaric invasions. The emperor was a great warrior but lost his mental stability later on. He was asking his ministers to search for immortality so that he can rule for a long time. Then he took some mercury compounds which poisoned him and died at 54. Then there was a war between his sons and the story continues. During the emperor's burial in a tomb, they buried with him "Terracota warriors" which they found during excavation. They buried even concubines, servants so that they can serve him when he comes back.

- NSR.

Another Children's day

Its another beautiful "Children's day" celebrations I had in my office. I think this is one good thing happening in my company and hope this will continue in future. They organised for children's day celebrations with the participants from three humanity organisations viz.

1. F.A.M.E. India
2. Samarthanam
3. Parikrma

Children from F.A.M.E sung a hindi song with good lyrics. Ofcourse they had a good voice.Then two girls from Samarthanam (having visual impairment) danced for a carnatic song (Bharatanatyam). Final program is from Parikrma in which a group of children sung a english song with good musical background. Couple of things I noticed are:
- They don't have no fear in expressing themselves.
- They are confident and happy in what they're doing.

The above is about the cultural program that took place. Coming to the motto of the program, these organizations are helping the community in their own ways.

F.A.M.E. India is helping out disabled (physically and mentally) people to learn education and other arts (like painting). Samarthanam is helping the children from low economy background, having visual impairment to continue their education in schools and they have good records in that. Parikrma is helping the children from slums to continue their school education in ICSE medium. These people have their own school (I think till 10th) and are going to bring Junior college(12th) soon (2008).

In a way, they are doing great service to our society. They are seeking not only our economical help but also our physical help (being present in their places to help them). Though I did the first one, I've to do the later one soon.

You can visit them and donate them to continue their service.

- NSR.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

S.Ramakrishnan's writings

Most of tamil readers would have come across (or heard about) writer S.Ramakrishnan's writings. He is one of the best contemporary writer who has a unique style in writing. I came to know about him through Ananda vikatan (AV). He started with his first writing "Thunai ezhuthu (துணையெழுத்து)" in AV, then came up with "Kathavilaasam(கதாவிலாசம்)".

The first one is a kind of biographical, with several themes of life. In the second one he narrates some incident happened and making that coherent with some novel / story of a writer. He talked about several writers who are unknown to us and their writings. Both writings were impressive.

Then he started his third series, "Desandhiri (தேசாந்திரி). This time he wrote his "Travelogues" to different places. He narrated those experiences beautifully. He is a good story teller indeed. This article got over 2 weeks back.

Already, AV published his earlier writings in book form and I hope they will do it for this one too. If so, Go for it!! You can purchase their publications Vikatan online.

- NSR.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nice toon

This toon represents the current economic situation very well.

Courtesy: THE HINDU

P.S: One year completion of my blogging :)

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Amish, Followers of Jesus

இந்த வார ஆனந்த விகடனில் வெளியாகியிருக்கும் "ஓ! பக்கங்கள்" கட்டுரையில் அமிஷ் மக்களைப் பற்றி ஞானி எழுதியுள்ளார். இப்படியும் மக்கள் உள்ளனர் என்று அறியும் பொழுது மகிழ்ச்சியாக உள்ளது. அற்புதமான சம்பவம்!! நன்றி..

இந்த சம்பவத்தை ஆங்கிலத்தில் படிக்க, இங்கு செல்லவும்

அமிஷ் மக்களை பற்றி தெரிந்துக் கொள்ள, இங்கு செல்லவும்.

- NSR.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Adieu, Schumi..

I'm watching Formula 1 racing from my college days. At those times, I didn't watch it keenly as of now. But I can remember some names and the one I could not forget is "Schumacher"...Earlier I thought how his name spelled, whether it is "shoemaker" or so.

As most of us knew, he made his debut with Jordan, then moved to Benetton with whom he won 2 championships and finally to Ferrari.The period which he won championship consecutively (2000-2004) is "Golden period" for him, which brought back Ferrari to command.

During the last season (2005), the car is not quite good as Renault. So the competition is not as close as this season. Alonso won this year's championship, but not comfortably as his earlier one. Schumi was at his best when retiring out. Thanks Schumi for the enjoyment and fun you provided. We miss you.

Let us watch Kimi in action next season.

Links to know about Schumi:

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Human Touch

Nice ad. from Toyota..

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Monday, September 18, 2006

கிருஷ்ணா கிருஷ்ணா

Recently, I read this book "Krishnaa.. Krishnaa" by Indira Parthasarathy . I came to know about this from my uncle and I got this book after a long time.

In this book, the author explains the mission and ideals of Krishna.He embodies Krishna as a political strategist, management guru who made the entire epic a game. Krishna is the mastermind of all the events took place without whom nothing would have happened.The author uses Narada as a narrator. Narada introduces himself as World's First ever Journalist (Information broadcasting) in this. Interesting point of view!!

The book starts with the event of Krishna getting a hit from the arrow of the hunter Jara. Before his (planned) death, Krishna started telling Jara about the events that took place and the role he played in each event. He explains Jara how he planned to make the war to happen, whom he loved etc. Couple of incidents for example are below:

While Jara asked him (as others) "Why did you follow adharma in some cases in the war? , Krishna replied him "Till 9th day, everything went according to the rules.Then the opponents didn't follow dharma.So I also changed my rules accordingly. Unless you change the gamestyle, you cannot win." In many places he hints that the "Change is the only constant thing"

Krishna gave a hint to Beema to kill Dhuryodhana by hitting him in his thigh (Hitting below the waist is not a rule).Then Beema kills him in that way as he made a vow in the palace earlier. When Balarama questioned about this to Krishna, he said "Was the rule followed while 6 Maharadhi's (Dhuryodhana, Karna, Dhrona..) killed Abhimanyu who didn't have any weapon?" for which Balarama could not answer.

It has some interesting events known/unknown to us and gives a new dimension of Krishna. In Krishna's words, "Krishna himself is the mission of Krishna avatara" which is not in the case of other avataras. Dont hold or stick to any rule constantly and Change according to the environment as needed.

P.S. To say about the author Indira Parthasarathy, he worked as a Tamil Professor in Delhi university, Warsaw(Poland), Pondicherry. He wrote around 15 novels, 4 short novels, 6 small story collections, 10 dramas and 2 essays.He won "Saraswathi samman" award for his drama "Ramanujar". He also won "Sangeeth natak" award and "Sahithya academy" award(for "Kuruthippunal" novel). He is the only tamil writer to do so.

For buying the english version of this book, go here. Though I suggest you to read it in Tamil. ISBN எண்: 81-8368-080-1

- NSR.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hampi trip

Myself along with my colleagues planned for a trip to Hampi (26,27 Aug 2006).For that we've booked for a tourist package from KSTDC which includes Hampi, Tungabadra dam and Mantralaya.But unfortunately the trip got cancelled because of seats not getting filled. Then we booked KSRTC bus for going till Hospet and then to Hampi by local transportation.We stayed at KSTDC's Mayura hotel.Its located nearer to Hampi (around 4 kms) and 12 kms away from Hospet. There are daily trip packages from KSTDC to Hampi and TB dam. So we opted for that and started out.

On the way itself, we saw some of the ruins which were once part of a great empire(14th-16th century A.D). Hampi was the capital city of Vijayanagara empire with a area of more than 60 sq. km. The place is surrounded by rocks.

First we visited Virupaksha temple where the deity is Virupaksha lingam and Hampa devi.(City derived its name from goddess name)

It has a big gopuram and is in the banks of Tungabadra river. There is a place in this temple where you can see the inverted image of the Gopura (concept of pinhole camera) Vijayanagara empire got established by Hukka and Bukkha with the assistance and advice of Sri Vidyaranya (Sringeri mutt) and the notion is to establish a Hindu kingdom. At that time, there was a domination of Muslim rulers (Golconda, Bijapur, Bamini). This temple has Vidyaranya mutt inside its premises.

Seeing the flow of Tungabadra river from here is a beauty.

You can see some hills around here which are mentioned in our epics viz. Rishimukha parvadham, Anjanadevi parvadham(Hanuman's mother is Anjanadevi and it's told that he born here) and Mathanga hill (Sunset point, highest place here).

Next we visited Kadalakale vinayaka (Peanut vinayaka) temple.

He got that name since he's in that shape and the notable thing is "It is a monolithic sculpture of 18 ft. tall, i.e.. built with a single stone" Near to that, one more temple is there.Its "Mustard vinayaka" (which is also monolithic and 11ft. tall) and our guide said that this temple is built for lower caste people(?).

There are other temples built by King Krishnadevaraya and his brother, viz. Balakrishna temple, Hazararama temple. Then we went to Veerbhadra swami temple (one of few saivite temples).

These rulers are Vaishnavites.So we can see many vaishnavite temples here and very few saivite temples. We visited Badavilinga (Badavi means poor man) where there is a water source which will be perennial throughout the year.

Near to this place, there is a "Ugranarasimha" statue which is really an artistic marvel. Artists and sculptors says that this is the most beautiful and excellent artwork done by Vijayanagara rulers.

On the way, we saw Balakrishna temple (built after he conquered Orissa and married the princess of Orissa)

Then we went to Zanana enclosure which has the queen's palace, Lotus mahal, Elephant stable etc. Once you enter this place, you can see the base of queen's palace first and then the lotus mahal. Lotus mahal was built on Indo-Islamic architecture and it has cooling system.

Then we saw the elephant stable and mahout's quarters. There are some watchtowers visible here. On the way, we saw mint and a underground temple also.

Our next place of exploration was Hazararama temple which was built and known for its architectural beauty.

At the entrance, there is a hanuman sculpture carved on a stone.

Inside the temple, there are lot of statues and sculptures carved on the walls of temple and gopura. Some of them are, Mahisasura mardhini, Events from Ramayana like "Hanuman meeting sitadevi in Ashokavanam" "War with Ravana".. , Buddha.

Then we proceeded to King's palace and its enclosure. This covers a vast area. The entrance doors made up of stone are kept in the floor now. Elephants were used to open them when they were in use. First, we saw Mahanavami dibba, a place where festivals and processions (like Dasara) took place. We climbed it (using stairs) and got a good view of the entire place. We saw the aqueduct system used for water transportation into the palace.

The other places are: Secret chamber used for discussions, King's durbar, Pooja room, Dancing hall, Swimming pool, Well built on Egyptian architecture and dining place for soldiers (around 3 lakh!!). You can see the dining plate used for the soldiers (made up of stone and fixed to the ground). It takes more time to roam around here and it is better if you can go here before mid afternoon.


We went to Museum maintained by ASI(Archaeological Survey of India) where we saw sculptures, coins, pens(Ezhutthaani), palmleaf inscriptions (written in old kannada, Sanskrit, devanagari), weapons etc. You can see the photos there in which they showed some of the places before and after excavation. FYI, this museum is closed on Wednesday.

Next, we went to Vittala temple. Outside the temple, we saw the bazaar. When I entered the temple, I liked its praharam.

We saw the stone chariot (beautiful one) and musical pillars.

These musical pillars have sculptures with some instrument and it makes sound similar to that instrument when we strike the pillars and there is a pillar which can make "sabdaswaras". Its really a remarkable architectural skill they had while selecting and carving the stone for constructing these pillars. In one place, you can notice the plan of the temple carved on the wall.

After roaming around here, we left Hampi.

We went to Tungabadra dam, which is around 8km from Hospet. Reservoir was almost full and the waves are roaring. On this day, we couldn't go to Gardens and viewpoint since KSTDC people asked us to come earlier. So we came here the next day evening too. This time we climbed the rocky path to view point and had a good view of dam from there. We took some nice snaps from this viewpoint.

Then we went to Garden here and saw the dancing fountain(after 7 pm).We left this place and reached Hospet. From there, we started back with some tiredness and lot of memories.

P.S: Hampi was declared as "Endangered" World heritage site by UNESCO sometime back and now it is out of that endangered list. Thanks to ASI for maintaining this place well and our guide for describing about these places.A professor (with his family) accompanied us in the trip and he also gave some good explanation. Bicycles are available in KSTDC hotel (Mayura) which is just 4 km. from Hampi. It is interesting to make a bicycle trip to these places along with friends. Pack yourselves with enough water because the place is quite sunny.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Agassi retires

Andre Agassi retired from his tennis life after he lost to Germany's Benjamin Becker yesterday.

I love this remarkable tennis player and watching him for more than 10 years(right from his funk hair style to bald). He is so good in returning the serves and athletic in the court.

He is a contemprary of the tennis great Pete Sampras and others like John McEnroe,Boris Becker, Stephen Edberg etc. Still I can remember some of the clashes between them. In the last clash with Federer, he played well against him and he only gave some tough fight to him in that grandslam. In yesterday's match too, he played good though he had back pain.He served well and hit some winners too.

When Pete retired out from the tennis, Agassi told "I miss Pete". We miss you Agassi.

- NSR.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Internet Radio

Today I read about Radioverve, India's first Internet radio station in THE HINDU.
Just Listen it.

- NSR.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ustad in Music and Life

I dont know about the nuances of music. I can listen to music in any form (Hindustani or Carnatical or Western) even without instruments. I've heard about Ustad few years back . Not only I got attracted to his musical legendry, but him being a humanitarian and humble person. I can see a child in his smile.

The below are some excerpts from the articles on Ustad taken from "The Hindu" :

Talking to The Hindu from Varanasi, Dr. Srivastava said the Ustad had great love for his country. Unlike his peers, he did not go abroad for money and fame. "He did not even leave his favourite Banaras where the notes of his shehnai wafted across the Kashi Vishwanath and Sankat Mochan temples and intermingled with the placid waters of the Ganga," she said.

The Ustad personified secularism. "He was a practising Muslim who offered `namaz' five times a day. Yet he had immense faith in Baba Vishwanath, Sankat Mochan and Ganga maiyya. Asked to hunt for greener pastures, he
used to remark, ``where will I find Baba Vishwanath and Ganga," says Pandit Vyas.

Born in a poor family in Bihar on March 21, 1916, the Ustad was aware of his humble origins. This reflected in his demeanour and his conduct towards others.

The Ustad once narrated to this correspondent how he refused requests from the district administration and a company selling air-conditioners to have an a/c installed in his room. "How could I have slept in the cool comfort of the a/c when my neighbour Ramzan Ali poured buckets of water on his `tattar' [made of tin] for keeping the heat away in the summer," he asked.

Mai ta-umar anahad naad ki khoj me raha aur sunta raha ahat naad ko kyunki mera wajud qaid hai is badan mein. Mai jab isse azad hounga tabhi ahat naad ka gham khatm hoga aur sun sakunga anahat ko (During my entire life I heard the stuck sound since my life is encompassed in this body, whereas I have always wanted to listen to the unstuck sound. I will be able to do it when I will be free from this body.)

Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye. Mai sirf khuda se mangta hun ek saccha sur jo mujhe abad kare aur is jahan ko abad rakhe (I need nothing. I beg simply from God a true note so that I find rest in myself and the same for the world).

The articles are below: -- Atiq Khan -- Gautam Chatterjee -- Goutam Ghose -- L.Subramaniam

Hope we can take a leaf out of this Great person's Life.

P.S. Watch preview of a documentary "Banaras, Music Of the Ganges" in which Ustad's Music is counterpart.

- NSR.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Animated CV

This is really cool one I came across today..Presenting CV in a funny and innovative way..

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Human Nature

I came across this article of Paulo recently. He talks about "Human nature" in that and it is more or less true.

I've had a similar experience. When Dr.Rajkumar died, violence erupted here in bangalore. Since the people are roaming as a group, they were expressing their hidden instincts which are, broking the glasses, burning the vehicles etc. Since they move as a group, they got a confidence to do these things (which as an individual they won't do). Those were horrible 2 days here without getting transportation, proper food etc.

Paulo finished it well with "all a matter of control".

- NSR.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Music in Everything

This is a new ad for Worldspace Satellite Radio. Its nice and I love this..

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Adventures - Macedonia

I came across this Adventure by Richard Bangs. It is still in progress!!

It is very nice to see different places around Macedonia and the description about the places are too good. Already I read about his trip across the "Jordan" which I found really nice.

You can visit for some more adventures..

Thanks to Richard Bangs and Yahoo!

- NSR.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cute Girl

Cute Malaysian girl singing with good expressions!!

- NSR.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Nice site from

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Already accomplished

This article may be lengthier one, but worth reading it. It shows the energy of positive thoughts and focussing. Thanks to Mary Robinson Reynolds for this.


I intend to dramatically shorten your learning curve by giving you more scientific information to support even further what I've written about in all of my online courses and eBooks. I intend to show you, at an even higher level still, just how much power relabeling, holding thoughts of PEACE and the "love vibe" have for transforming difficult people and situations, especially in combination with the power of MasterMinding.

So hold on to your hats, 'cause we are going for a Quantum leap this Summer!

In The Isaiah Effect, by Gregg Braden, he discusses what's happening in the field of medicine in a specialized clinic outside of Beijing.* Both he and his wife were studying the ancient healing art that is based on techniques of movement, breath, thought and feeling. A video showed very specific instructions on a phenomenon from Asian traditions which Western Science could not explain. Anomalous experiences of this kind are often classified as miracles. For people who had turned to this clinic as a last resort, the choice of love, specialized movement, and the development of life (ch'i) force, over medicine and surgery was the answer to their prayers.

Taken from The Isaiah Effect, Chapter 4 - Section: Medicineless Miracle

"The video tape we were learning from had been recorded at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong clinic and Training Center, the "medicineless hospital" in the city of Qinhuangdao, China. The footage began by showing a female patient lying on her back in the clinical setting. She appeared to be fully awake and conscious, not anesthetized, and there were no indications that an anesthetic would be used. The woman was loosely clothed, and her shirt had been modestly drawn up to expose her lower abdomen. The lights of the video and the hospital room, her stomach glistened with the preparatory gel that appeared shiny and wet. Seated to the patient's right, the nurse practitioner moved an ultrasound wand across the taut, smooth surface of the woman's stomach.

Directly behind the patient were three male practitioners. Dressed in white medical jackets, they were standing only inches from her side. The men appeared to be very focused, standing quietly near her upper body One of the men began a motion with his hands, silently moving them through the air above the woman's face and chest.

The video next showed the ultrasound image, allowing us to peer into the woman's bladder during the procedure. The lining and curvature were clearly present. In this image, something else began to appear, something that should not have been there. 'You are looking at a bladder cancer,' our instructor explained, 'a tumor approximately three inches in diameter inside the woman's bladder.'

We were seeing the tumor as it actually appeared in the moment, captured by the ultrasound wand. The camera zoomed in on the screen as we witnessed an event for which Western science has no explanation. Anticipating what was about to happen, our room became very still. Even the old folding chairs stopped squeaking while our group watched, in awe, as the miracle unfolded before our eyes.

While the nurse continued to monitor the event through the ultra sound, the three men standing behind the patient worked together. In unison, they participated in a mode of healing that has been known for centuries. The only sound that betrayed the process was coming from the men themselves. They repeated a single word again and again, a word that became louder and more intense as the healing progressed. Loosely translated into English, they were saying, 'already gone, already accomplished.'

The shift began slowly, almost indiscernibly. The cancerous form began to quiver, as if responding to some unseen force. As the movement continued, with the rest of the image in perfect focus, the entire mass began to fade from view. Within seconds, the tumor appeared to melt before our eyes. In only two minutes and forty seconds, the tumor was gone. It had simply disappeared! A healing had occurred, one so complete that the ultrasound did not even indicate scarring in the tissue that the tumor had invaded. As the camera backed away from the computer screen, the patient, still awake and conscious, appeared to be relieved by what she heard in the room. The nurse and the three men conferred among themselves, then nodded in agreement; their process had been successful. Politely, each bowed from the waist and softly clapped his hands, acknowledging their accomplishment.

At first, our conference room was silent. Then I heard sighs that gave way to gasps and cheers for what we had witnessed. What had just happened? How had a cancerous tumor, three inches in diameter, disappeared from inside the woman's body without even the tell-tale scars of such a condition, in a matter of minutes?"

The key to this story and the healing of the woman's cancer is that the group's focus was on the feeling of the outcome rather than on the feeling of how long it was taking for the outcome to occur ... this is the essence of MasterMinding.

Let's look immediately at what thoughts you are having right now, in this moment.

Are you excited about the possibility of exactly what this means to the power of your thoughts to influence, affect and transform energy, people, situations and events?


Are you in disbelief?

Are you comparing this with some of the other "made for TV" footages that have been intentionally altered to make something look miraculous, when it was not?

Simply notice where you are putting your focus. No judgment. Just notice.

When I first read this, I may have been in disbelief had I not had so many instantaneous, miraculous experiences of my own to draw from.

In all of my courses and eBooks, I've explained in great detail the transformative energy of Love, Peace and Joy. These energies can transform any situation in an instant if you can get yourself to hold firmly to any one of these three pure energetic states.

The #1 criteria: You cannot feel fear, or judgment, and love in the same moment.

You must 'do' love, peace and joy unconditionally. Meaning that, for you to become proficient at the miraculous, you must seriously learn to manage your thinking, your intuitions and your emotions.

You must take it upon yourself to learn to think differently about everything that is not working in your life.

Also see this movie YouAreLove.

- NSR.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Lost Gospel

An Interesting article I've read in "National Geographic Magazine".

Go here to read that article.

- NSR.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Jayakanthan sirukadhaigal

Came to read two short stories of Jayakanthan and they are nice. It deals with the common problems and ends up with a saying.

1. சுயதரிசனம் (Suyadharisanam)
2. அக்ரஹாரத்துப் பூனை (Agraharathu Poonai)

- NSR.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

If You're a Child..

An excerpt (Beautiful one) from Paulo Coelho's writings,

"If you were really a child, a true child, instead of worrying about what you can’t do, you would contemplate Creation in silence. And you would become used to looking calmly at the world, nature, history and the sky.
"If you really were a child, at this moment you would be singing Hallelujah for the things before you. Then – free from tensions, fears and useless questions – you would use this time to wait with curiosity and patience for the things in which you invested so much love to bear fruit." (Carlos Caretto, Italian hermit).

Go here to read the article.

- NSR.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wasted Genius

I read these articles in "The Hindu" last sunday.

First one is about how our country didn't realise a genius of his owntime.

It is really a nice one. Read it here.

Wasted Genius - Shashi tharoor

Another article is about making a film on this genius. Indian filmmaker Dev Benegal in association with Stephen Fry (and Gina carter, co-producer) is making this. Read about this here.

Squaring the Circle - Geeta Doctor

- NSR.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh Podu

Elections are near..And this article says something about that. Good one indeed. or
For reading it in PDF format,

P.S: This article was written by Gnani, who is writing a column "Oh podu" in Ananda vikatan.

- NSR.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Citizen's Initiative

My office HR had sent this today. It is really a good initiative. You can see the site below for more info.

- NSR.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Human Journey

Nice article I've read this week in National Geographic Channel Magazine..(Thanks to our off. library for buying this one)
Go here to have a brief reading of that article.
One more interesting thing I saw in that magazine is Your shot. Hope you enjoy this if you are an avid photographer.

- NSR.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Indigo Evolution

I came to know about this documentary (Indigo evolution) from a friend. I was astonished to see the clips of Hopi Prophecy & Culture and Interview with Akiane.
You can see the clips here. Quicktime player is needed to play these clips.

- NSR.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Teach People How to Treat You

A Beautiful article I came across today.

You Really Do Teach People How To Treat You

(Taken from SuccessBytes , Mary Robinson Reynolds)

It's the month of LOVE and as you know, we just launched our newest movie the first week in February to promote Love and create Peace throughout the world:

A quote was brought to my attention this morning:

The reward for being nice in oppressive circumstances is to be mistreated more.
- author unknown

This can be interpreted many different ways, based upon one's frame of reference.

One way it could be interpreted is from a "war-ing" mentality, meaning that being "nice" keeps you oppressed in an oppressing circumstance. The perception being that one must be "mean" and "fight" back with as many weapons (verbal or physical) as you can come up with to "teach the offending person / people a lesson!"

The belief in war is the belief that, to get out of an oppressive circumstance means you must threaten, push back and push against everything you do not want, expecting different / non-violent results in order to not be mistreated any more.

Another way this quote could be interpreted is to say, that being "nice" means simply placating and therefore not communicating. Clamming up, not speaking up and not saying "no" to behaviors that are not OK. Not seeking to understand, and not giving directives about what would work powerfully in getting everyone to the core of what is really wanted: peace, plenty, prosperity, love, security, harmony and good will.

Let's break this down to our every-day relationship issues:
In relationship difficulties where one individual appears to be more powerful than the other, the fearful individual may believe that the only way to get leverage is to fight back, doing the very thing that they fear and abhor.

So the likelihood of someone standing up for themselves, in what feels to them to be a violent, hostile way, will never work for this individual.

And so the fearful individual remains in a state of powerlessness, not because they are powerless... but because they are not educated in the ways of true healing power.

What's needed in all of this is new education.
What's needed in all of this is new understanding.
What's needed in all of this is communicating as many times as it takes, and in as many different ways as it takes, and evoking a power much greater than ourselves, to create Supreme Divine Alignment between two conflicting parties.

What's needed in this is to remember the Power of Love:

Continuing to hide behind emails and bombing written assaults is not powerful.
Continuing to run and hide from face-to-face communication is not powerful.

Just last week on American Idol, a beautiful young woman who was verbally abused by Simon Cowell chose to take the higher ground, by understanding and forgiving him on national television.

This woman's simple, non-aggressive, yet powerful non-violent language and resolve shifted Simon's energy in an instant. And you thought bullies couldn't be contained, let alone transformed, without physical or verbally overpowering and attacking them back!

To know who you are and to remain resolved about seeking the highest and best for all people in the face of that which comes from a lower energy vibration and belief in war is all the power you need.

What was powerful about this person is that she blessed him "wholeheartedly," regardless of his current belief systems. And in this, she dismissed all sense of injury.

We teach people how to treat us.

And when we perceive that we've been treated badly, the answer is not to run and hide - and the answer is not to attack back.

Hiding behind a rock and launching as much hateful artillery as we can get our hands on does not get a bully to not be a bully! This is terrorist mentality, and I'm not talking about the bully. I'm talking about the person attacking the bully (or just someone who has inadvertently erred with you) for having learned how (through their own life experiences) to be a bully!

It takes work to communicate.

It takes "inner" strength to stand beside someone who has done something that upsets you, and remain resolved to powerfully communicate to them exactly what it is in their behavior that you perceive as harmful, unacceptable and unnecessary, and then to indicate exactly what are the highest and best communication preferences for the best outcome in this relationship.

People who threaten and make personal attacks do so because they believe that's the only thing that works. So ...

Teach people how to treat you!

Show them how powerful they can be in relationship to you by stating what you would prefer instead.

As we all learn to do this more and more in our every day experiences, we advance the possibility of the powerful ripple effect felt throughout the world.

We have the capability of vast communication and connection throughout the world because of the Internet. But energetically speaking, it doesn't matter if we don't express peace and understanding in our own personal lives, one challenging relationship at a time.

IF you want to learn more about how to no longer be a victim of your own making, then you must step up and learn something new.

Today, you don't know what you don't know.

You must make the time for new knowledge to sink in and replace warring mentalities with the healing power of resolve and love. You demonstrate the highest of all support to people behaving badly when you say "no" to hurtful behaviors that not only cause other people harm, but harm that person's soul as well.

It takes work to access your real, authentic power.

Learn how ... now!

- NSR.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Return of the Master

I have been watching Sachin since his debut. I used to love his batting (and partnership with Sanjay manjrekar) in those days for the technique and aggression.
The Way he plays now is totally awesome..He puts his experience in the game to play an anchor role.. Great to watch!!!
The Master is back again, this time in a new dimension...Come on Sachin, we are still watching your cricket...

"Genius is what genious does"

- NSR.

Monday, January 30, 2006

March of the Penguins

I saw this movie "March of the Penguins" last week..It is a wonderful film made by "National Geographic Channel" on the life of Emperor penguins.They took so much effort in capturing this marvel, where temperature is below -40C.

I was really impressed on the picture as well on the life of Emperor penguins..Visit this page for more info.

P.S: After reading Sujatha's "Katradhum petradhum", I wanted to see this film. Luckily I got it here in a video library.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Festival season

Came back after a trip to native. Thiruvadhirai (Arudhra darisanam) came on the same day of Bogi this time.(Normally it will come in the month of december) In our native, we used to celebrate Thiruvadhirai well (for 3-4 days). On the day before Thiruvadhirai, Swami Kalyanam will take place. On the festival day, Pattu suthudhal will take place i.e. We people will circumambulate the Pipal tree near the temple 12 times carrying Swami's (Sundareswarar and Meenakshi amman) urchava moorthi's in Maramanai (similar to palanquin), dancing twice in each round according to the taala music (Tavil and nadhaswaram). It will give pain in the shoulders with blood clot. Though it is nice and will be forgotten.

Then swami's will be carried around the streets. On the way there will be some kattalai's (distribution of sundal etc at some houses). People used to sing, dance there and then returns to the temple. While returning, there is a ritual, First Meenakshi amman will enter the temple and lock the door inside (due to some anger). Then Sundareswarar will ask the Devi to open the door.(People at either side of the door will sing the conversation). Then Sundareswarar will enter the temple breaking the door. After that prasadam distribution will take place.

The next day follows Thozhi pengal (called as thozhi pongal). Swami's will be carried around the streets during evening time. Kattalai's will be there now also (now it will be like sundal, puttu, puli need for dinner :) ). This will get over after returning to the temple and prasadam distribution.

The next day morning Manja neerattam will be there. Swami's will be carried around the streets and youth people (mainly boys) will be coming along with them. People will pour Manja neer (in some houses they will keep cold water for fun) on those people. In the night (Peria Maramanai) Swami's will be carried around the streets starting after 9-10 pm and will get over by 1-2 pm. This brings the wonderful festival season to an end.

As there is a saying in tamil, "Aadi azhachu varum, Thai thodachu pogum" which means the month of Aadi brings many festivals after it and after the month of Thai, we will not have much festivals.

I dont have much to say about pongal celebrations. Though it is also celebrated well with some relatives coming to our house and had kalandha saadham's (Sakkarai pongal, Thengai saadham, Puliyanchaadam, Elumichai saadham, Vadaam and my favourite Thayir saadham) along with Karumbu (Sugarcane).

Most of the days, went to River (Bhavani river running just behind my house) with friends and had good swimming and fun.

Waiting for next season ahead!!!

- NSR.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nice articles

First of all, I want to wish all a happy new year. May this year brings a lot of happiness and peace to all.

Nowadays I am reading "Ananda vikatan" (a tamil weekly magazine) regularly .Its mainly for the articles by "S.Ramakrishnan", "Tamizharuvi maniyan", "Kavignar Vaali", "Kavignar Vairamuthu"...

Last week, two articles got over :(

- "Ooruku nalladhu solven" by Tamilzharuvi maniyan.
- "Kadhavilaasam" by S.Ramakrishnan.
However, another article by S.Ramakrishnan has started. ("Deshandri"). It is worth to note his early writing "Thunai ezhuthu" in AV.

I dont have any words to say about "Krishna vijayam" by Kavignar Vaali. It is going beautifully in simple and classical tamizh. Marvellous work!!

And "Karuvaachi kaaviyam" by Kavignar Vairamuthu. It is splendid in saying a story of a village girl in Madurai tamizh. Vairamuthu also describes the customs and habits of the people of that region.

Another article worth to mention here is "Katradhum Petradhum" by Sujatha (His blog??)

It is nice to see that Ananda vikatan publishes these weekly writings into books. They have put them in their stall in "Chennai book fair" which runs from 6th-16th Jan'2006. Have a good book cruising if you are in Chennai.

Thanks to Ananda Vikatan for publishing good articles!!!

- NSR.