Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Must watch films - 2

Another Italian film in the same genre. It is "La Strada" literally meaning "The Road" or "The Street". One of the notable films made by famous director Federico Fellini.

A rude guy with no emotions.An innocent girl with day dreams. Relation between them. This is the storyline.

Anthony Quinn, one of my favorite actors plays the lead role Zampano (rude guy) and Giulietta Masina (innocent girl) plays the role Gelsomina. I'm not going to tell the story of the movie here. Anthony Quinn had lived his character in this movie. What to say about Giulietta Masina? She delivers different expressions in her face just like that in a minute. Perfect characterization.

Last scene will leave you in tears. That music is awesome. I would love to watch this movie again.

P.S. Trailer

- NSR.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Must watch films - 1

As most of the Cinema lovers, Me too love watching Italian films, the mother of Neo-realistic movies. The first one I watched in this genre is "Bicycle Thief(ves)" by Vittorio De Sica.

It starts in the period where unemployment is at its peak post world war. The Protagonist Antonio looks for a job and he gets a job with a must have requirement of Bicycle. He gets it by selling the blankets in his house. While on his work pasting posters in the city, another person steals Antonio's bicycle. This makes Antonio's job in stake. Antonio roams around the city with his friends and son to search it. What happens in the end? Its better to watch it in the screen.

Characterization in the film is awesome. Acting of that little boy is superb. Screenplay of the film simply ties the viewer with the movie. I couldn't believe that this movie came in 1948.

P.S. Trailer

- NSR.