Monday, December 17, 2007

Nandi hills trip

In the month of december, we (myself, Nishanth, Ranjith) made a bike trip to Nandi hills. The road is so nice that we didn't feel any problem at all. Nandi hills is 65 kms from Bangalore and can be reached by NH7 (Bangalore - Hyderabad). It is 1500 m above sea level. Monkey menace is so much over there and the place is not promoted by tourism department. Though it is a beautiful place which has some spots like Tippu drop, Nandi temple, Siva temple, Fort to see. Its a trip I enjoyed much. Some of the pictures taken during the trip can be found @

- NSR.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I've uploaded some of my photos in Flickr..

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Global warming witness

Interesting website I came across recently. Thanks to the photographer Mitsuaki Iwago for this wonderful pictures and expeditions.

Go through the site when you have time.It has lot of good photographs and information.

- NSR.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inzy retires..

Most of my favorite sports personalities got retired recently..Agassi, Schumi, Lara and Inzamam in that list now. I always adore him for his brilliant and solid batting. He is one of the great middle order batsman in the cricket history. I still remember the incident that happened during Sahara cup in Toronto where he chased a guy who called him "Aaloo". How can one forget his famous runouts? :)

We miss you, Inzy..

- NSR.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Little Master

The Little Master is in blistering form this series..Hats off for his brilliant knocks!! Expecting a century at "The Lords"..

- NSR.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sivasamudram trip

Recently, myself and my college friends went to Sivasamudram and Talakad. Its heavy raining in Madikeri, Coorg area (catchment for Cauvery) and lot of inflow for KRS, Kabini dams. So they released lot of water (more than 1 Lakh Cu.ft/sec) and you can see the flow in the photos I shared.
Sometime back I went to the same place by bike with my office friends.But at that time, the falls didn't have this much of flow. I thought of blogging this trip but couldn't. See the photos of falls taken at that time. First one is Gaganachukki and the second is Barachukki.

P.S. Sivasamudram is 125 km from Bangalore and can be reached through Kanakapura road and Mysore road. Mysore road is very good till Maddur but with high traffic.Kanakapura road is not so good but with low traffic it makes biking interesting.
Places that can be visited nearby: Talakad(24km), Somnathpur(30km).

- NSR.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sanjay Dada

Courtesy : THE HINDU

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Swarm behavior

Interesting article I read in this month's National Geographic Magazine. Read it till the end.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sindhu mudhal Gangai Varai

தலைப்பே இந்த வலைப்பதிவைப் பற்றி சொல்லும்..

இது, ராகுல் சாங்கிருத்யாயன் உண்மை சம்பவத்தை அடிப்படையாக கொண்டு எழுதிய நூல். சுமார் 2500 வருடங்களுக்கு முன் அதாவது புத்தர், மஹாவீரர் வாழ்ந்த காலகட்டத்தில் இருந்த மக்களின் வாழ்க்கை முறை, அரசியலமைப்பு, போர் முறை மற்றும் நடந்த சம்பவங்கள் பற்றி இந்த நூலில் அவர் எழுதியுள்ளார்.சுவாரஸ்யமான புத்தகம்.

இந்த நூலை வாங்க விரும்புவோர், இந்த வலைமனைக்கு செல்லலாம்.

இதே ஆசிரியர் எழுதியுள்ள "வோல்கா முதல் கங்கை வரை" புத்தகத்தை தேடி வருகிறேன்.யாராவது பார்த்தீர்களேயானால் தகவல் கொடுங்கள்.

I got a pointer on this book "Volga mudhal Gangai varai", thanks to Ananda vikatan. 27th edition of this book was recently published by,

Tamil Puthagalayam,
34, Sarangapani street,
T.nagar, Chennai-17.

Price: Rs.350 Pages: 600

- NSR.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Raising a Leopard

A Nice article I read in National Geographic Magazine last month. The photographers spent 3 years for capturing these wonderful pictures and the event. It is worth it..

Photo courtesy: National Geographic Magazine

- NSR.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sujatha - Mini biography

I came to know about Sujatha's birthday (73 year young :) ) from Desikan's blog. Then I read about Sujatha's short biography (சுஜாதா ஒரு எளிய அறிமுகம்) and it is interesting. Thanks to the author.
I read his "Srirangathu devathaigal" recently and in that book he narrates about his experiences and characters during his days in Srirangam. Nice and unique way of story telling..

For getting e-books of Sujatha, visit

- NSR.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Adieu, Prince!! , Facets of Madurai

I couldn't blog frequently nowadays. Though I'm busy with my work and studies, I should not tell that I dont have time for this. I can say that I forgot about blogging. There are lot of incidents happening around us. I came across some writings and thoughts which I want to share.

First is the retirement of the Cricket Legend
. We're going to miss a real entertainer in the future games though some can argue that there are other players. He is a Batting Wizard and on his day he can demolish any kind of bowling lineup. This is not an exaggegration but based on the watching of his cricket for quite a long time. As any sportsman, he too had his ups and downs, but he came back strongly everytime he went down. Whether it is a duel between Mcgrath or comparison between Sachin, it doesn't matter. One particular thing I want to mention here is, he is the best player against Murali. I still remember that he accumulated 600 runs in a test series against Srilanka in Srilanka. If I go on talking about his performances, it can go long. Thanks for the entertainment he provided!! Hope this legend will be remembered as long as the Cricket game is there.
Second thing is about an interesting article I read in today's "The Hindu". It is an excerpt from the book "Multiple facets of My Madurai" by Manohar Devadoss. I loved the pen and ink drawings much. Those are in and around Madurai. I'm thinking of buying this book.
- NSR.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cricket Lover

May his soul rest in peace.

- NSR.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pray for me, Brother

This is the album done by A.R.Rahman in 2007. It has been chosen by UN for its anti-poverty theme. I saw this video yesterday. I love the theme and song. Thanks to ARR, Blaze and Bharatbala productions.

You can see the video online in Youtube or download here.

Lyrics for the album

Pray for me brother
Pray for me brother
Pray for me sister
Are you searchin’….
Pray for me brother

Lookin’ for the answers To all the questions In my life
Will I be alone Will you be there By my side
Is it something he said Is it something he did
I wonder why He is searchin’ For the answers
To stay alive

Could you ever listen Could you ever care
To speak your mind
Only for a minute For only one moment
In time

The joy is around us But show me the love
That we must find
Are you searchin’ For a reason to be kind, to be kind…
He said… Pray for me brother

Pray for me brother Pray for me sister
Pray for me brother Say
what you wanna say now
But keep your hearts open
Be what you wanna be now
Let’s heal the confusion
Pray for me brother

Don’t let me take When you don’t wanna give
Don’t be afraid Just let me live
Don’t let me take When you don’t wanna give
Don’t be afraid Say what you wanna say now
But keep your hearts open

Be what you wanna be now Let’s heal the confusion
Pray for me brother Pray for me brother
I’m ashamed ah, brother be dying of poverty
when he down on his knees its only then he prays
And it’s a shame ah, brother be dying of ignorance
cos the world is a trip and everybody’s a hypocrite
Need to stop ah , taking a look at the other
I’m not ashamed of poverty
need to be making his life better
So think about it, think about it once more
cos life is a blessing and it’s not justa show, ah
Round and round the world is spinning around

We need to be singing a prayer, we need to be singing it now
Round and round the world is turning around
We need to be singing a prayer, we need to be singing it now
Need to be feeling the power, need to be feeling the faith
We need to coming together just to win this race

Need to be feeling the power, need to be feeling the faith
We need to coming together just to win this race (twice)
Are you searching for a reason to be kind ?

- NSR.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chennai Book Fair

One of the grand event that occurs in South India. I used to attend this book festival when I was there. You will be lost in the crowd of people and books. But this year, I think I cant make it. I've attended a book fair that happened 2 months back in bangalore. It is not so grand as the one that happens in Chennai.It started last week and will be ending on 21st Jan. This time, the venue was changed from Quaid-e-Millat College to St. George Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School campus at Poonamallee High Road (opposite to Pachaiyappas college) and number of stalls are more. Guys @ Chennai, Don't miss the event!!

I read a nice blog by Desikan on this event. Since this blog is in tamil, you need to install tamil fonts.

- NSR.