Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Historical Journey

Last week, I watched couple of good documentaries, one from National Geographic channel and other from Discovery channel. .

First one is about "Journey of man" which I have already posted some details. It was for 2 hours and the narrator took us to various places like India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Chukchi (Near arctic circle) etc. It was about the journey of man which started during Ice age. It was amazing to see how human beings survived during that period as the temperature in Chukchi is -50C now itself. It would have been much less in that period. The narrator ended the session with this saying, "We are all just 2000 generations apart. Before that all were from the same group that started from Africa."

Second one is about the Chinese empire. It gave the details of Chin dynasty during which "The Great wall of China" was built to protect the empire from barbaric invasions. The emperor was a great warrior but lost his mental stability later on. He was asking his ministers to search for immortality so that he can rule for a long time. Then he took some mercury compounds which poisoned him and died at 54. Then there was a war between his sons and the story continues. During the emperor's burial in a tomb, they buried with him "Terracota warriors" which they found during excavation. They buried even concubines, servants so that they can serve him when he comes back.

- NSR.

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