Monday, November 10, 2008

Dhanyavaad, Dada

A Perfect finish to Sourav's career indeed. I'm not saying about his duck in the last innings, the win over aussies in the fourth test. Sourav, an admirer of Steve Waugh, became the first aggressive Indian captain. His domination over the selection of team had cost him more with the selectors commitee. Though his ODI record is as good as any in that form of cricket, his position was under question.

I enjoyed his pairing with Tendulkar as one of the best in cricket. Surely the youngsters (including M.Vijay) will remember you for the way you supported them.

Goodbye..We will be missing the "King of Off-side"...

- NSR.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Adieu, Kumble

Don't know whether India will be getting such a determined bowler (player) in near future. In many aspects, he is like Courtney walsh, a gentleman bowler. He can bat well than him though. He's not a big turner of the ball like his contemporaries Warne or Murali but with his limitations, he was excellent in taking wickets.Right throughout his career, he never caught in any controversy or ill manners on the field. Media had made his final days of career worse by criticizing. Still his commitment in the team is unforgettable and the respect for him among the fans will not be diminished.

Harbhajan will be missing you the most as you two are the best spin pair in the world cricket. Thanks for the entertainment you've provided so far, Anil Bhai!!

P.S: He will be in Indian dressing room @ Nagpur for Ganguly's last test, Laxman's 100th test and will be busy with his SLR camera there.

- NSR.