Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nice articles

First of all, I want to wish all a happy new year. May this year brings a lot of happiness and peace to all.

Nowadays I am reading "Ananda vikatan" (a tamil weekly magazine) regularly .Its mainly for the articles by "S.Ramakrishnan", "Tamizharuvi maniyan", "Kavignar Vaali", "Kavignar Vairamuthu"...

Last week, two articles got over :(

- "Ooruku nalladhu solven" by Tamilzharuvi maniyan.
- "Kadhavilaasam" by S.Ramakrishnan.
However, another article by S.Ramakrishnan has started. ("Deshandri"). It is worth to note his early writing "Thunai ezhuthu" in AV.

I dont have any words to say about "Krishna vijayam" by Kavignar Vaali. It is going beautifully in simple and classical tamizh. Marvellous work!!

And "Karuvaachi kaaviyam" by Kavignar Vairamuthu. It is splendid in saying a story of a village girl in Madurai tamizh. Vairamuthu also describes the customs and habits of the people of that region.

Another article worth to mention here is "Katradhum Petradhum" by Sujatha (His blog??)

It is nice to see that Ananda vikatan publishes these weekly writings into books. They have put them in their stall in "Chennai book fair" which runs from 6th-16th Jan'2006. Have a good book cruising if you are in Chennai.

Thanks to Ananda Vikatan for publishing good articles!!!

- NSR.


Megarajan said...

subbu ,

oh , here we have another passion that we share.

I loved thunai ezhuthu like anything.

I bought kathavilasam and s.ramkrishnan's sirukathaigal and ooruuku nallathu solven this time in the book fair.

I may be passing by bangalore on Jan 25. If you want I can buy these books and you can take possesion when I am there .

I am NOT blogging about any of the tamil books I read ( I indeed read a lot ) bcos I wanted to post them in tamil and not in english.

Senthil Babu said...

Subbu... sollavey illai...
hmm I too read Anandavikatan once in a while.. used to read Sujatha's katradhum petradhum and Hi Madhan regularly.. U didnt mention abt Hi madhan.. if u dont read it, start reading it.. though there might be stupid questions in that section, you can see some interesting things discussed there..

Karthik said...

I've read only "Hi Madan" so far :). Subbu you write well, do write frequently.

Subbaraman said...

Thanks for ur comments friends.
I always like cartoons and is a fan of Madhan's (Gondu :) ) toons than this "Hi madhan"..It is also nice. Also his "Vandhargal vendargal" is a nice article.

Karthik said...

Heard Katrathum Petrathum has been stopped.

Subbaraman said...

Yes..It came almost for 2 years.It may start again :)

Srinivas said...


hi da. long time no see? nanum un blogga bookmark panna marandhutten, my blog itself was just sitting there idle waiting for someone to make oorugai..

and caught yours again from karthik's blog.

vikatan i used ot read religiously, ippa its about two years now since i gave up that hobby.. for a long time ive been wanting to get an online account!

sari, appala pakkalam..

irtt makkale, any one else from our guys in blogville, please intro me to their URLs...