Tuesday, November 07, 2006

S.Ramakrishnan's writings

Most of tamil readers would have come across (or heard about) writer S.Ramakrishnan's writings. He is one of the best contemporary writer who has a unique style in writing. I came to know about him through Ananda vikatan (AV). He started with his first writing "Thunai ezhuthu (துணையெழுத்து)" in AV, then came up with "Kathavilaasam(கதாவிலாசம்)".

The first one is a kind of biographical, with several themes of life. In the second one he narrates some incident happened and making that coherent with some novel / story of a writer. He talked about several writers who are unknown to us and their writings. Both writings were impressive.

Then he started his third series, "Desandhiri (தேசாந்திரி). This time he wrote his "Travelogues" to different places. He narrated those experiences beautifully. He is a good story teller indeed. This article got over 2 weeks back.

Already, AV published his earlier writings in book form and I hope they will do it for this one too. If so, Go for it!! You can purchase their publications Vikatan online.

- NSR.

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