Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Historical Journey

Last week, I watched couple of good documentaries, one from National Geographic channel and other from Discovery channel. .

First one is about "Journey of man" which I have already posted some details. It was for 2 hours and the narrator took us to various places like India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Chukchi (Near arctic circle) etc. It was about the journey of man which started during Ice age. It was amazing to see how human beings survived during that period as the temperature in Chukchi is -50C now itself. It would have been much less in that period. The narrator ended the session with this saying, "We are all just 2000 generations apart. Before that all were from the same group that started from Africa."

Second one is about the Chinese empire. It gave the details of Chin dynasty during which "The Great wall of China" was built to protect the empire from barbaric invasions. The emperor was a great warrior but lost his mental stability later on. He was asking his ministers to search for immortality so that he can rule for a long time. Then he took some mercury compounds which poisoned him and died at 54. Then there was a war between his sons and the story continues. During the emperor's burial in a tomb, they buried with him "Terracota warriors" which they found during excavation. They buried even concubines, servants so that they can serve him when he comes back.

- NSR.

Another Children's day

Its another beautiful "Children's day" celebrations I had in my office. I think this is one good thing happening in my company and hope this will continue in future. They organised for children's day celebrations with the participants from three humanity organisations viz.

1. F.A.M.E. India
2. Samarthanam
3. Parikrma

Children from F.A.M.E sung a hindi song with good lyrics. Ofcourse they had a good voice.Then two girls from Samarthanam (having visual impairment) danced for a carnatic song (Bharatanatyam). Final program is from Parikrma in which a group of children sung a english song with good musical background. Couple of things I noticed are:
- They don't have no fear in expressing themselves.
- They are confident and happy in what they're doing.

The above is about the cultural program that took place. Coming to the motto of the program, these organizations are helping the community in their own ways.

F.A.M.E. India is helping out disabled (physically and mentally) people to learn education and other arts (like painting). Samarthanam is helping the children from low economy background, having visual impairment to continue their education in schools and they have good records in that. Parikrma is helping the children from slums to continue their school education in ICSE medium. These people have their own school (I think till 10th) and are going to bring Junior college(12th) soon (2008).

In a way, they are doing great service to our society. They are seeking not only our economical help but also our physical help (being present in their places to help them). Though I did the first one, I've to do the later one soon.

You can visit them and donate them to continue their service.

- NSR.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

S.Ramakrishnan's writings

Most of tamil readers would have come across (or heard about) writer S.Ramakrishnan's writings. He is one of the best contemporary writer who has a unique style in writing. I came to know about him through Ananda vikatan (AV). He started with his first writing "Thunai ezhuthu (துணையெழுத்து)" in AV, then came up with "Kathavilaasam(கதாவிலாசம்)".

The first one is a kind of biographical, with several themes of life. In the second one he narrates some incident happened and making that coherent with some novel / story of a writer. He talked about several writers who are unknown to us and their writings. Both writings were impressive.

Then he started his third series, "Desandhiri (தேசாந்திரி). This time he wrote his "Travelogues" to different places. He narrated those experiences beautifully. He is a good story teller indeed. This article got over 2 weeks back.

Already, AV published his earlier writings in book form and I hope they will do it for this one too. If so, Go for it!! You can purchase their publications Vikatan online.

- NSR.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nice toon

This toon represents the current economic situation very well.

Courtesy: THE HINDU

P.S: One year completion of my blogging :)

- NSR.