Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Teach People How to Treat You

A Beautiful article I came across today.

You Really Do Teach People How To Treat You

(Taken from SuccessBytes , Mary Robinson Reynolds)

It's the month of LOVE and as you know, we just launched our newest movie the first week in February to promote Love and create Peace throughout the world:

A quote was brought to my attention this morning:

The reward for being nice in oppressive circumstances is to be mistreated more.
- author unknown

This can be interpreted many different ways, based upon one's frame of reference.

One way it could be interpreted is from a "war-ing" mentality, meaning that being "nice" keeps you oppressed in an oppressing circumstance. The perception being that one must be "mean" and "fight" back with as many weapons (verbal or physical) as you can come up with to "teach the offending person / people a lesson!"

The belief in war is the belief that, to get out of an oppressive circumstance means you must threaten, push back and push against everything you do not want, expecting different / non-violent results in order to not be mistreated any more.

Another way this quote could be interpreted is to say, that being "nice" means simply placating and therefore not communicating. Clamming up, not speaking up and not saying "no" to behaviors that are not OK. Not seeking to understand, and not giving directives about what would work powerfully in getting everyone to the core of what is really wanted: peace, plenty, prosperity, love, security, harmony and good will.

Let's break this down to our every-day relationship issues:
In relationship difficulties where one individual appears to be more powerful than the other, the fearful individual may believe that the only way to get leverage is to fight back, doing the very thing that they fear and abhor.

So the likelihood of someone standing up for themselves, in what feels to them to be a violent, hostile way, will never work for this individual.

And so the fearful individual remains in a state of powerlessness, not because they are powerless... but because they are not educated in the ways of true healing power.

What's needed in all of this is new education.
What's needed in all of this is new understanding.
What's needed in all of this is communicating as many times as it takes, and in as many different ways as it takes, and evoking a power much greater than ourselves, to create Supreme Divine Alignment between two conflicting parties.

What's needed in this is to remember the Power of Love:

Continuing to hide behind emails and bombing written assaults is not powerful.
Continuing to run and hide from face-to-face communication is not powerful.

Just last week on American Idol, a beautiful young woman who was verbally abused by Simon Cowell chose to take the higher ground, by understanding and forgiving him on national television.

This woman's simple, non-aggressive, yet powerful non-violent language and resolve shifted Simon's energy in an instant. And you thought bullies couldn't be contained, let alone transformed, without physical or verbally overpowering and attacking them back!

To know who you are and to remain resolved about seeking the highest and best for all people in the face of that which comes from a lower energy vibration and belief in war is all the power you need.

What was powerful about this person is that she blessed him "wholeheartedly," regardless of his current belief systems. And in this, she dismissed all sense of injury.

We teach people how to treat us.

And when we perceive that we've been treated badly, the answer is not to run and hide - and the answer is not to attack back.

Hiding behind a rock and launching as much hateful artillery as we can get our hands on does not get a bully to not be a bully! This is terrorist mentality, and I'm not talking about the bully. I'm talking about the person attacking the bully (or just someone who has inadvertently erred with you) for having learned how (through their own life experiences) to be a bully!

It takes work to communicate.

It takes "inner" strength to stand beside someone who has done something that upsets you, and remain resolved to powerfully communicate to them exactly what it is in their behavior that you perceive as harmful, unacceptable and unnecessary, and then to indicate exactly what are the highest and best communication preferences for the best outcome in this relationship.

People who threaten and make personal attacks do so because they believe that's the only thing that works. So ...

Teach people how to treat you!

Show them how powerful they can be in relationship to you by stating what you would prefer instead.

As we all learn to do this more and more in our every day experiences, we advance the possibility of the powerful ripple effect felt throughout the world.

We have the capability of vast communication and connection throughout the world because of the Internet. But energetically speaking, it doesn't matter if we don't express peace and understanding in our own personal lives, one challenging relationship at a time.

IF you want to learn more about how to no longer be a victim of your own making, then you must step up and learn something new.

Today, you don't know what you don't know.

You must make the time for new knowledge to sink in and replace warring mentalities with the healing power of resolve and love. You demonstrate the highest of all support to people behaving badly when you say "no" to hurtful behaviors that not only cause other people harm, but harm that person's soul as well.

It takes work to access your real, authentic power.

Learn how ... now!

- NSR.

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