Monday, June 14, 2010


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - Mahatma Gandhi.

What will Jealousy, False pride, Betrayal do where there is no Love, Sacrifice? Ran shows that in a grandeur way.

I couldn't believe that Akira Kurosawa has directed such a film in 1985. Based on the King Lear by Shakespeare, Akira weaved around the story with his creativity. If I tell the story here, it would not be good for the audience to watch it. Also I cannot review the movie as well. It is out of the scope for me to do. I would like to share some of my thoughts on this wonderful movie.

- Wonderful picturization of King Lear story in the movie.

- Acting by each character throughout the movie was amazing. Casting was Perfect!

- Background score for war scenes, meetings, sad events etc was amazing. Especially the flute score. Also to show the confused state of mind, there is a shrieking music which creates unpleasant nature in us.

- Characterization of that clown, telling the truth through him is Akira's touch.

- Throughout the film, Buddha's message is spread out. There is a dialogue at the end of the film. The Clown cries asking whether there are any Gods to see this and why we have to cry? For that, one of the best characters in the film, Tango replies that in fact Gods themselves are weeping seeing this war done by men.

- Landscape scenes are mesmerizing. While watching in Laptop (with DVD) I was amazed and felt as if I'm there. If I would have watched it in a big screen, it would have given me a blissful experience.

- Artwork and the costume for the movie was awesome. Those castles, dresses of the King, Lords, soldiers etc., still wanders in my mind.

A Must-watch Masterpiece from the Master Director of the Cinema! A Salute to him!!

P.S. Trailer by the fans.

- NSR.

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