Saturday, February 06, 2010

Postmen in the mountains

Do you like Story telling, Traveling, Photography, Watching Nature, Human Relationship and Mountains? If so, this is the movie for you. A Must watch..

Story line is pretty simple but with a good screenplay. A Father who was postman in the mountain area is getting retired because of arthritis. His son is taking over his job. Father has a faithful friend in the form of Dog (Buddy). He does not want to go with son. So the father accompanies his son with buddy explaining the route, procedure etc. How the relationship between the father and son evolves? How the relationship between the son and buddy evolves? That's it. No extravaganza. Life is beautiful in its simplicity. That's where this film scores.

Story narration is through dialogue (between Father and son), monologue (by Father or son) and silence. I didn't get a feeling that I'm watching a Chinese movie anywhere. Characterization is perfect. Amazing Cinematography and BGM. There are some scenes in this movie which will bring you tears for sure. Buddy's acting cannot be rated at all. When the movie ends, I'd a feeling why this ended up so quickly? (Movie run time < 90 min).

There is a scene in which Father tells his son
"This job is tough (walking in the mountains, reaching the remote villages which are not developed) but you have a chance to meet nice people on the way. That makes you keep going"

How true this is!!

- NSR.

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