Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlie Chaplin

Nothing special to say about this Genius.In his time, he was well ahead of that. Here is a small boxing clip from his movie "City Lights". This movie (as well some of his others) is my all time favorite.

About this boxing event: Charlie wants to get some money for his lover to pay the house rent. He was forced to enter this boxing event where he is about to fight with a guy. They makes an agreement of 50-50 sharing irrespective of whoever wins. But that guy leaves the place as the cops are behind him. Finally, the organizers arranges another person who is a good boxer. Charlie wants to make agreement but that person says "Winner takes it all". What happens in the fight? See it below.

Must see movies of Charlie Chaplin:
- City Lights
- The Great Dictator
- The Kid
- Pay Day

- NSR.

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