Sunday, June 15, 2008


It is an unplanned first day show for me to watch "Dasavathaaram".Some of my colleagues said this would be like "Hey ram" or "Aalavandhan" and not ready to see it on first day :)

I don't want to narrate here the story of the film. Though this film doesn't need Kamal to don 10 roles, 4/5 characters are essential and well linked. The theme of the movie is said right in the beginning of the movie. As per Chaos theory, every being in the universe is linked with everything and the disturbance of one would disturb the universe.

Kamal dont need to prove that he can take 10 roles in a movie but he did with perfection in some roles. His Michael madhana kama rajan still scores one of his best.

In this film, I loved especially the roles of

Balaram Naidu, RAW officer which he only can do with such humour.

Poovaragan, Social activist who fights against Sand mafia. Body mannerism, language are done with perfection.

Rangarajan & Krishnaveni paati, Excellent makeup and good dialogue rendering.
It is wonderful effort by the entire unit and we have to appreciate the multi faceted Kamal haasan for Story, Screenplay and Dialogue. At some places, the timing dialogues reminds of Crazy mohan. I think if Sujatha would've been there, he would have provided his suggestions in some places.Makeup is good for all the roles except that tall man Kafiullah. Other than Kamal, the only character that stands in my mind is "Pattabi" M.S.Bhaskar who guides Fletcher (villain) with his butler English.

Overall, it is a film you can watch!!
- NSR.

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