Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Books I read

Recently I read these books. Both are autobiographical and unfinished.Both gave the experience of being with them while reading.

"Meetings with remarkable men", the second series of Gurdjieff's "All and everything". One of my favorite.I watched the movie (1979) filmed based on this book. But it could not capture the beauty of writing and did not give the experience I had while reading.

"My Days", R.K.Narayan. Just liked the narration in his style.

- NSR.

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Megarajan said...

hi da subbu,

Pls tell about the contents of these books too. philosophical,fiction, non-fiction, biography ?

Recently I read Kite runner and I saw the movie also.

As you said, I enjoyed the book more than the movie.

you can also try The Kite Runner.