Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adieu, Henin

Again, a short break in blogging. There are lot to write and share but couldn't because of my time management.
Justine Henin's retirement is an unexpected event this year in sports. A fantastic player, though she is not gifted with physical stature. Among female players, after Steffi, I just loved watching her play. She is very fast, has a wonderful single hand backhand which most of the female players (and male players) don't have. Though she won most of her grand slams in clay, she is able to win on any surface.
Good bye, Henin!! We miss you..

- NSR.

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Subramanian Sankar said...

true true very true.I miss Henine a lot,class act.her backend,her presence,was a star and she did leave on peak.Why didn't you blog on Federer's defeat,i thought u would have thing or two to say.