Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Universe and Dr.Einstein

I am reading a book "The Universe and Dr.Einstein" by Lincoln barnett (translated in tamil as "Prabhanjamum Dr. Einsteinum" ) and it is nice.

The author started with the earlier concepts in physics about matter,energy and explains how some of the classical theories changed after Einstein's entry into the world of physics.

One of the main explanation is about Einstein's "Unified field theory" and how he get into it. In his theory of relativity, he explained gravity in terms of space and time. Also in his famous equation E= mc2, he related mass and energy.

However in U.T, he related gravitational force and electromagnetic force which are totally different forces. He actually wanted to prove the uniqueness between them.

I would say this book will be a bridge for science and spirituality.

I think Einstein said it right,

"One thing I have learned in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike -- and yet it is the most precious thing we have."

- NSR.


Megarajan said...

subbu ,

How do u keep a radar on books like these ?

What is ur source of information for books like these ?

Though I am not interested in these matters as much as you, it would be great if you can tell us all these things in simple easy to understand language.

Subbaraman said...

To say about theory of relativity, everything(mass,length,time) is different depending on the position and state of observer. Einstein told that even space and time are variables .
To say about the forces, there are different kinds of forces say atomic forces(micro level) and gravitational forces (macro level).Apart from this electromagnetic force is there.Though these are different, he tried to relate them and succeeded.
He broke the earlier laws in physics (esp. Newton's) which will consider the entire universe as a machine and will apply the laws of motion as it is.
For better understanding, you can read that book.In that, author had given good illustrations.