Monday, December 05, 2005

Words and Means

When I came across some articles or writings, I found some people are using complex words (may be for me) to express.

As I understood, Words are the means and after expressing the thoughts, their purpose are over. That's all..We won't cling to those words at all.

I am wondering why these people are using complex words to express themselves?

I love some author's writings (Like R.K.Narayan, Paulo Coelho) for their simple use of language itself. (though their writing is also good)

This is just a thought that came across to me today.



Megarajan said...

the only reason people are using complex words is to show their superiority of knowledge over that language , but they dont realise that what matters is not their knowledge of the language , but the thought that they are trying to express.


Anonymous said...

mega, don't u think using complex language brings out the beauty in the language? i agree prose can be made to look good even with simple language like R.K.Narayan did. but everybody cannot be RKN.

Senthil Babu said...

Same pinch :)

Srinivas said...

hey are you talking about namma subbu who uses the most techie terms for simple matters?

Subbaraman said...

Not particular indeed..Just a thought came at that instant..