Sunday, July 12, 2009


A wonderful test encounter between two old rivals. First match itself began with such thrill and huge batting display.

Till the last moment, Aussies had a chance and English crowd is cheering up the players for every ball.. They surely miss the killing combination of Warne and McGrath who would have packed up easily. Jimmy and Monty had a good last wicket partnership to save the match.

It's always a wonderful experience watching tests played abroad, especially in Australia and England.We cannot have such experience when a test match is being played in Asian subcontinent. They won't give the bowlers an edge and the match will not head for a result. But that's the fun, right?.

Testing player's abilities not only in batting, bowling but standing in the field with a concentrated mind. If you lose the focus even for a single moment, you will lose the wicket. Every session will change the course of the match.

Apart from the brilliant centuries from Aussies in the first innings, Paul Collingwood stood out in the second innings with his brilliant 74. He is such a gutsy player like Steve waugh.

I'm surely relieved of seeing T20 matches in IPL and World cup. They cannot give the enjoyment of watching Test match. It's a different cup of tea, indeed!!

- NSR.

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