Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I happened to see these movies being produced on two great mystics. I am waiting to watch them. First one is on OSHO and the second one is on JALALUDDIN RUMI. You can have a look at these sites.


You can read most of the discourses of Osho here.
You can read some of the Rumi's poetry in the rumi film site. See one of them below.

I roamed the lands of Christendom from end to end
Searching all over, but He was not on the Cross.
I went into the temples where the Indians worship idols
And the Magians chant prayers to fire… I found
No trace of Him.
Riding at full speed, I looked all over the Kaaba,
But He was not at that sanctuary for young and old.
Then I gazed right into my own heart:
There, I saw Him… He was there and nowhere else.

I'm getting addicted to Delhi-6 songs especially "Tere Arziyan" and "Masakali". I just loved Rahman's score in "Khwaja mere Khwaja" from Jodha Akbar (both song and instrumental version).This creates an interest to listen more on Sufi music and Qawali. Its not a comparison though this is his best than Slumdog millionaire.

** There is a screening of world movies at chennai. This is organized by the bloggers at chennai and entry is free for bloggers*.. The first movie to be screened this sunday is my favourite "Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring" by Kim Ki Duk.

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Megarajan said...

The poetry of jalaluddin rumi seems very much strikingly similar to tamil sitthars. when I read some of the sitthar works they also told the same thing, look into you ... If you liked this verse, I am sure you will appreciate tamil sitthar works.

I dontknow whether u are aware of this, but chennai is one happening place as far as screening of world movies is concerned. I hear news of screenings every weekend. I usually note down the movie names and see them myself.