Friday, March 27, 2009

World Movies

I saw these 3 movies sometime back. All are having a good screenplay and silence is the main dialogue in many places. These movies depicts the human feelings superbly and the directors used this as a medium to portray the message they wanted to.


The story line is simple. Ali lost his sister's shoes in a market. He could not find them after searching. Since they are poor, they don't want to tell their father about this and starts sharing the brother's shoes (School timings are different for boys and girls). When they come to know the shoe is with another girl, they don't want to ask her after seeing her family's condition. Ali helps his father in doing some gardening work for earning money. At that time he tells his father that new shoes has to be bought for his sister. His father confirms that.Ali participates in a race where the third prize is a pair of shoe. Does he wins the race and the girl gets a new shoe? Beautiful screenplay, acting by the kids.
Watch it..


The first Korean movie I saw. This is directed by notable director Kim Ki Duk. Again this story line is simple explaining the life cycle. This film somehow reminds me the Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Excellent (I mean it) cinematography and music. Especially the film is shooted in the same lake all the seasons. The Silence interludes the movie superbly and it gives a wonderful experience.


Another Korean movie. But the language doesn't matter to watch this kind of movies. You can realize this when you finish watching. It has very few dialogues and less conversation. It is a story (near real life experience in modern world) between a boy and his grandmother. This boy is from city (urban background) and his grandmother lives in a remote hilly area. Initially he doesn't like that place and his grandmother, who is dumb. Finally how he gets changed (Metamorphosis) is the story. He couldn't bear the separation from his grandmother at the end. I simply loved the wonderful location in this film. There are few incidents in this film which portrays the humanistic nature and unconditional love. How simple and straight forward their life is.

A Must Watch..

A must watch for movie lovers.. Thanks to Chezian, S.Ramakrishnan for introducing this movies in their articles.

- NSR.

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Megarajan said...

I havent seen any of Kim Ki duks movies till now..

will have to see them ..

ofcourse we must thank chezhian and ramakrishnana for this.