Friday, October 17, 2008

Sachin - Oru Sahaabdham

Nice blog writing on Sachin's recent record from here.This blog almost matches my experience.

I'm watching Sachin right from his debut.In those days, we don't have TV @ home. So me and my friends were watching Sharjah matches (in those days it was mostly between India,Pakistan,W.Indies) in a friend's house. During schooldays, in the interval and free periods, we used to run outside school to a nearby TV showroom to watch the cricket matches. This continued in College days as well where I ran to hostel and sometimes to English dept. to see the match.
Once I went to Chepauk ground to see an Irani trophy match. I saw his batting in live for a short time. That made my day. If I start on talking about his batting or sensational matches, it can go on. Nowadays, media focus is so much that even if he didn't play well for one match, they start making noise. This happens not only for him but for all the senior players.

Keep going, Sachin. Ponting is behind you closely. But still you've made into the hearts of millions of cricket fans like anyone before!! We cannot imagine a team without you playing in the future..

Watch the video here

- NSR.

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