Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Last Emperor

I've taken this film from library and watched it. I thought it might be some sort of historical story of emperor. But this one is totally different from what I thought. It takes us through the life of "The Last Emperor" of China. It starts with the war criminals being brought to China from Russian captivity and the Ex-Emperor being one of them. Story starts from there with the 3 year old becoming an Emperor.

Nice interlude of scenes between the current and past. With the excellent cinematography and music, we are there in China. Breaking of world wars, its impact and the aftermath were portrayed well.

At the end, when the emperor goes back to palace by buying a visitor pass, telling a boy that he was the emperor and proving him, was a spectacular finish..

This is a lengthy film I've seen after "Ten Commandments" and "Ben Hur". But it doesn't bore me. If you love History, this is a must watch!!

Watch the trailer here.

- NSR.

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