Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sivasamudram trip

Recently, myself and my college friends went to Sivasamudram and Talakad. Its heavy raining in Madikeri, Coorg area (catchment for Cauvery) and lot of inflow for KRS, Kabini dams. So they released lot of water (more than 1 Lakh Cu.ft/sec) and you can see the flow in the photos I shared.
Sometime back I went to the same place by bike with my office friends.But at that time, the falls didn't have this much of flow. I thought of blogging this trip but couldn't. See the photos of falls taken at that time. First one is Gaganachukki and the second is Barachukki.

P.S. Sivasamudram is 125 km from Bangalore and can be reached through Kanakapura road and Mysore road. Mysore road is very good till Maddur but with high traffic.Kanakapura road is not so good but with low traffic it makes biking interesting.
Places that can be visited nearby: Talakad(24km), Somnathpur(30km).

- NSR.

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