Sunday, April 22, 2007

Adieu, Prince!! , Facets of Madurai

I couldn't blog frequently nowadays. Though I'm busy with my work and studies, I should not tell that I dont have time for this. I can say that I forgot about blogging. There are lot of incidents happening around us. I came across some writings and thoughts which I want to share.

First is the retirement of the Cricket Legend
. We're going to miss a real entertainer in the future games though some can argue that there are other players. He is a Batting Wizard and on his day he can demolish any kind of bowling lineup. This is not an exaggegration but based on the watching of his cricket for quite a long time. As any sportsman, he too had his ups and downs, but he came back strongly everytime he went down. Whether it is a duel between Mcgrath or comparison between Sachin, it doesn't matter. One particular thing I want to mention here is, he is the best player against Murali. I still remember that he accumulated 600 runs in a test series against Srilanka in Srilanka. If I go on talking about his performances, it can go long. Thanks for the entertainment he provided!! Hope this legend will be remembered as long as the Cricket game is there.
Second thing is about an interesting article I read in today's "The Hindu". It is an excerpt from the book "Multiple facets of My Madurai" by Manohar Devadoss. I loved the pen and ink drawings much. Those are in and around Madurai. I'm thinking of buying this book.
- NSR.

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