Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mixture - 1

Thought of writing about many things but my laziness stops me and keeps me in bliss :)

Roger Federer's loss to Djokovic in US open semi's would have upset the tennis world. As a spectator of tennis from 1990's and watching Federer for quite a few years, I would reckon that his level has not dropped. Whenever he makes those forehand errors and errors at important points, he loses the match. That's all.. In this match too, after making so many errors, Djokovic has to fight hard to win the match. Nothing will happen with talking now as that is over.

I'm very proud to watch Federer as the one who definitely set the standards of playing tennis at such a high level. Without that, the contemporary players would not have tried so hard. One more thing I noticed in this US open is Nadal's change in game style. It is a welcoming one. His serve was fast and accurate. He was aggressive and playing towards the net. As usual, he covered the court very well and played shot for shot. With his new weapons, he would be at the top for some time. Congrats to him for winning the career Grand slam.

Players like Djokovic, Murray cannot pose him a threat in Clay or Grass courts. They have to lift their game and should not lose the confidence while playing against players like them. One of the things I adore about Federer is his fitness and stamina. Playing so many consecutive years and entering almost (over 90%) all semi's without taking absence in any of the slams, he is the best. His game style allows him too. I've never seen him getting tired or exhausted and his court coverage is a wonder to watch.

Del potro, Tsonga are playing well but they lack the fitness and taking absence. And the media as usual started comparing the records of Nadal and Federer. A player's greatness should not be compared like this. Then what about Borg, Sampras, Becker, Edberg etc? Are they not great?

Hope new players will come again and give Nadal a threat. That's the game!

Images courtesy: US open

- NSR.

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