Monday, November 14, 2005

A Beautiful Children's day

It's one of the precious moment that i had in my life..Indeed I felt how comfortable life I am leading and how privileged we are in God's creation.

Today in our office, a people welfare organization named "F.A.M.E." came with their chidren to introduce them to us..These children performed in a unique way that no one can match it..

I saw some miracles like..

A hearing impaired girl danced..A mentally retarded boy played the keyboard and also danced beautifully..

Children sang a song in five languages!!!

They expressed themselves..I put lot of questions to myself and the answers are not to be given but to be acted..We've got a life to serve others..Thats what these people are doing..

I expressed my heartfelt wishes to them..May God guide them along the path with his lots of love and blessings..

Thanks God for giving me an opportunity to see your wonder.


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Megarajan said...

Hmmm ,

That was nice.

Very Bad that I came to know that the Childrens Day has passed only after reading your blog.

There were no celebrations in our office.